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About "SAKURA Exhibition"

SAKURA (cherry blossom) has been loved by Japanese people since ancient times, and today it is well-known as a Japanese flower all over the world. "SAKURA Exhibition" to be held in the blooming season of SAKURA is a contest exhibition planned for the purpose of introducing Japanese artists to the world.

Overseas Promotion

For the purpose of introducing Japanese artists to the world, profile and works of all artists participating in "SAKURA Exhibition" are available in English. They can be used for overseas promotion together with this website of "SAKURA Exhibition."

Place of Exhibition

"SAKURA Exhibition" is held at gallery SAKURA located on the banks of the Meguro River that is very famous for its SAKURA trees. Since the exhibition is held in the blooming season of SAKURA, visitors will enjoy not only the exhibition itself but also SAKURA blossoms in full bloom.

Print on Demand

A print-on-demand service will be provided for all the participants of the exhibition by Calm, a cosponsor of "SAKURA Exhibition." Every participant will get 10 high-quality copies, A3 size, of one of his or her entry works for free of charge. Entry works can be sold in the exhibition. In that case, 70% of sales receipts will be paid to the artist.

Award Ceremony

A party and an award ceremony will be held after the exhibition is over. All the award winners will be invited to the party without charge. Detailed information will be available later.