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Cosponsors for "SAKURA Exhibition"

A message from @CREATORZ:
We provide a completely free community site for creators where you can hold a web exhibition and sell your goods for free of charge.
A message from ARTs*LABo:
We plan and operate postcard exhibitions, group exhibitions, web events, etc. on the concept of "planning events from creators’ standpoint."
The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo
A message from The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo:
This is a gallery in Shinjuku which can be used as rental space.
It can be used for various purposes such as exhibitions, photographing, filming, drama performance, fashion shows, etc.
art forum One's
A message from art forum One's:
We hope our gallery will be able to connect people.
AYANE International
A message from AYANE International:
We hope to introduce as many Japanese artists as possible to the world.
We will be glad to help you with your overseas promotion.
Illustrators Tsushin
A Message from Illustrators Tsushin:
We play a role in connecting illustrators with chances to work through illustrator search site and publication of promoting brochure. A lot of illustrators, from new ones to popular artists active at the forefront of the illustration world, have joined us.
Ryuichiro Mori, who is an illustrator, is personally in charge of Illustrators Tsushin.
A message from Calm:
Our specialty is on-demand printing and special printing for creators.
We, as a printer, provide various plans, making the best use of our know-how.
Gallery Tokyo Joe
A message from Gallery Tokyo Joe:
This is a gallery for creators the theme of which is "Let’s meet nice pieces of work and people."
We look forward to your visit.
A message from CREATORS BANK:
Why don’t you show your works to the world on CREATORS BANK’s web portfolio?
CREATORS BANK is a portal site to support creators.
Creative Works PURE
A message from Creative Works PURE:
Package design・Japanese calligraphy・Illustration A creative box named PURE is filled with a lot of amusing treasures
A message from Hyouga:
You can make high-quality original goods at a reasonable price, even in a small lot.
A message from COREL:
Corel Painter is the best painting software!
Painting and illustrating work can be more natural for seeking more creativity and imagination.
We offer you a wonderful experience of digital painting just like analog painting.
Bar Jam
A message from Bar Jam:
This is an information base of “myspace.café” to connect “myspace” with artists.
Now we are sending information to the world from the viewpoint of artists.
We support music events on FM and VSP operated by our promotion staff “Mocchii” and also support exhibitions held at myspace.café including Barjam.
A message from MySpace:
MySpace supports artists and creators.
MySpace is a website for all kinds of artists and creators.
It is our business policy to support talents that are not yet recognized in the world.
We hope to find new talents through SAKURA Exhibition.
A message from ROKKA:
We provide a processing of minute laser cutting as our specialty. Contact ROKKA anything about paper processing.